Handheld nbUVB lamps prices

vitiligo UVB lamps

We've went around the online shops selling UVB lamps and picked up the prices for hand-held units. As you can see prices vary depending on the producer/design/and functions. More details about two of the lamps in our old article, Vitiligo nbUVB lamps comparison

Unit Vendor Price Link
Dermalight80 Amjo Corp $615 http://www.dermalight80.com/ordering.htm
Dermaray UV 311 beatpsoriasis.com $695 http://www.beatpsoriasis.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=27&products_id=82
120UVB-NB Solarc Systems $795 http://www.solarcsystems.com/us_100_pricing.html
UVB lamp VirtuaVia $277 http://www.virtuavia.eu/shop/lampe-uvb-pour-psoriasis-et-vitiligo.html
UVB lamp with built in timer & LCD screen VirtuaVia $319 http://www.virtuavia.eu/shop/psoriasis-uvb-puva-vitiligo-traitement-uv.html
DermaPal Scalp and Spot Unit Daavlin - http://www.daavlin.com/TPage332.aspx

*prices as of OCT/12/2010



Submitted by Maimuna Osman on

how do the nbUVB help in vitiligo treatment?

Submitted by Brady A. US on

Hi. I bought uvb lamp with lcd timer here http://uvb-lamps.com $289. There, the best prices and shipping was only 6 days. This is a really cool device, it helps!
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Submitted by george anderson on

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