Michael Jackson's son Prince might have vitiligo

There's been a lot of dispute whether Michael Jackson really bleached his skin or he was just a vitiligo sufferer who's disease took a turn for the worse.

Michael has always claimed that it has been the disease that was responsible for his color change, rising a lot of criticism and drawing a lot of unwanted attention towards him and his family.Michael has 3 children:  Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8.

Armpit spots 1      Armpit spots 2

Recently I came across a few pictures of Michael's older son, Prince, that apparently has inherited his father's disease. The boy, aged 13 shows a depigmentation under his arm, a common place for vitiligo spots to occur. If indeed the boy suffers from vitiligo, this puts two rumors to rest: that Prince isn't really Michael's son and that Michael bleached his skin because of his obsession to become white.

Vitiligozone has recently published an article on the frequency of vitiligo among siblings. The study, published in the Pigment cell research magazine and concluded that "the frequency of vitiligo among siblings is 6.1% which is about 18 times higher then the usual population frequency, suggesting a major genetic component in the disease."



Submitted by Peggy Mosley on

I think that, If the recent photos of Prince Michael, apparently show that he has inherited his fater's disease, then Michael Jackson is his nature parent and that Michael did not bleach his skin, therefore, Michael's children can say, "There are a few negative statements about our father that can be eaten by all those who wanted to believe these rumors. In time there will be other negative statements, which will be removed from under our father's name,(Time will tell.)!"

Submitted by Robert B on

I started getting white spots in certain areas of my body over a year ago. I just recently been diagnosed as having vitvligo.Before I knew what it was i would jokingly say I have the Michael Jackson disease.Low and behold.(I am a big MJ fan).

Submitted by Brenda on

I think that those childrien definitely are not his, first of all those pics may have been manipulated, second even if he had vitiligio it doesn't mean that it's his son, third M.J. is of black race and black race has very strong dna and features wich none of his childrien inhereted and that is almoust impossible, his older son sims much more related to latino features.

Submitted by dumb breanda on

stupid. Vitiligo is hereditary! Also you cannot say he isn't his son just because he doesn't look black. And there are a handful of biracial people that could pass for hispanic. I know a few. Though they may have strong dna doesn't mean that if they have children with white race means they won't look white! I know Many biracial people who look white spanish black asain. so what you have said is ignorant of you as well vitiligo is pretty rare. so it would not be a coincidence that Prince just happens to have it. and if you are not convinced by this pic there are many more of him with this skin condition. on his face hands and under arm just check it out!

Submitted by ZT on

Black race is very strong??? Most races have strong genes that are carried to their children. Remember, these childrens' mother was white (her genes play a part too). I'm half Black (my father, which usually the father's DNA is dominant) and half Puerto Rican but I look more like my mother. People barely ever thing I'm mixed with Black...educate yourself about things like this before you just begin speaking. And why the heck would anyone want to manipulate photos of his children? Come on really???

Submitted by Alex on

You know, it really makes me sad to know that people this ignorant really do exist. Genetics is one hell of a powerful thing. Just because Michael was dark and his children's mother was white doesn't mean that his children have to be dark. My friend is of mixed race also, she has an extremely dark African father and an extremely pale European mother and she looks like a light skinned black woman, but, my own half-sister is also of mixed race. She has a tan, white mother, and a dark father and she resulted lighter than her own white mother, with long, loosely curled hair. Just because his children aren't darker than they are, doesn't make them someone else's child. It just means that those crazy genetics manage to favor the mother. And if you think someone would photo-shop vitiligo on a 13-year-old child so they can prove to you that Prince is in fact Micheal's child, I think you should stop worrying about DNA that isn't your problem, and worry about how his children have over $500 million amongst themselves whilst you're accusing them of having a Latino father #saythankyoubitch

Submitted by sandra on

i come from haitian blood. my mom is hispanic and my dad is hatian. if you see me you think im white. there are plenty of light skin people with black parents. if these are his kids or not only he knows but i do see some although little resemblance. besides who is so cruel to lie about his kids having vitiligo. This must be so embarassing to that poor boy. they need to leave him alone.

Submitted by Haley on

It is time people start to have respect for the dead! These poor kids have had to deal with the loss of someone they lived regardless if he is their father or not! Remember micheal Jackson for his music not the rumors!

Submitted by Haley on


Submitted by Multiracial on

All together I'm Black, Indian, White, and French. Black/White on my mom's side and Black/Indian/French on my dad's. My skin tone is white/slighty tan and majority of the time I'm mistaken for being of Hispanic or Asian descent. @Brenda Just because their skin tone isn't the same or they don't share many common features doesn't mean the kids aren't his. It's just ignorant to assume that with one black parent that the kids would autmotically be dark and have prominent "black" features.

Submitted by Louise on

For goodness sake all this crap about black men having light skins. I have a mixed race family, my Dad is as black as the ace of spades and I am as light as prince's skin here. My cousins also have a black father and they are WHITE. YES WHITE with freckles. My niece also has blonde hair and MY son has BLUE eyes. Stick that up your ignorant asses!!!

Submitted by Katrin on

Now it has been confirmed. The doctor who performed autopsy on Michael's body testified in court that Michael actually did have vitiligo. I never suspected that looking at pictures of him from the 80's. Especially the ones taken during concerts where he's swetty and his makeup has worn off. I hope this finally puts an end to all the speculation that has been in the media for decades. Michael was and is something special words are not enough to describe. I miss him so much!

Submitted by kayla on

Michael Jackson didn't bleach his skin he said it him self "I inherit it from my fathers side and there is nothing I can do to control it and it makes me sad"
And he also said "I am proud to be a black American and I my dignity and pride to be a black American." When Oprah interviews him and he also said, "People on the radio news station say I bleached my skin to be white but its a rumor and as much as I hate to say it I am allergic to the sun that's why I have an umbrella every time I am outside or if I don't have an umbrella I usually have a black hat on because if I'm not well protected the sun will damage my skin even more." The disease Michael Jackson has is called vitiligo he said it damages and breaks down the skin.

Submitted by makala on

even if they aren't his biological kids he took care of them as if they were! he had vitiligo and lupus, the autopsy put those rumors to rest. and the picture shows that prince may have vitiligo, so he could've inherited it from Michael, and their mother is white and Michael has vitiligo so they aren't going to appear to be black looking! those kids do have similarities to Michael. im so tired of seeing these hateful things about him, he is not the only celebrity that has altered their body!

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