Animals can also develop vitiligo

Vitiligo has been reported among some species of domestic and wild animals. Some of these occurrences have been documented by veterinary journals and publications.


The September 1990 issue of Buffalo Bulletin, reports that a female buffalo in Pakistan has developed white patches on the ventral skin of the belly. The pregnant cow, rapidly became hypersensitive to flies and sunlight.

Iran's stem cell research may lead to a vitiligo treatment

vitiligo stem cell treatment

Researchers at the Tehran Royan Institute are taking advantage of Iran's open embrionic research programs. A team lead by Dr Baharvand claims to have pioneered a procedure that uses the patient's own stem cells to cure vitiligo.

This research focuses on induced pluripotent stem (IPS), adult stem cells which are made to act like embryonic ones - they gain the ability to become any cell in the human body.


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