I've been diagnosed with vitiligo, now what ?

Do not despair, there are plenty of efficient therapies out there. Keep in mind that most vitiligo treatments are long term (2-6 months) and the best therapeutic plan is individual. The sooner you start treating vitiligo, the better.

Generally, young people respond well to the treatment. Most patients find it easy to repigment the face while hands and feet are particularly difficult to treat.

Story of the black girl who turned white due to vitiligo

Vitiligo girl

On the 26'th of August, The Today Show ran a segment a vitiligo. It featured Darcel de Vlugt, a 23 year old girl that was born black and lost all her pigment due to vitiligo.

Her disease began as a few white spots on her forearm at the age of five. As the years passed, she developed patches on her legs and forehead, that later spread to the rest of her body. By the age of 17 Darcel's transformation was complete.

Hedvig Lindahl Interview

hedvig lindahl interview

Hedvig Lindahl is a 26 year old Swedish football player who currently plays for Göteborg football club in Damallsvenskan. She has been regularly convoked for the Swedish national football team and won the Goalie of the year award in 2004 and 2005. She has played in two Olympics and won several medals in national competitions.


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